Motorcycles sidecars spare parts, showroom and sale

See the motorcycle museum and our STEIB replika sidecars, STEIB spare parts and motorcycle spare parts !

We are enthusiasts of vintage motorcycles and sidecars. Since 1987 we run a small private museum in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We show some 40 motorcycles from 1926 to the early sixties, German and English, restored and unrestored as well as engines, sidecars, bicycles and related items. 

We offer a wide range of used and reproduced spare parts mainly for BMW, HOREX and STEIB Sidecars.

With our Polish branch, the "Handmade" company in Orneta, we produce replicas of the 4 most popular types of STEIB sidecars, the LS 200, the S 350, the S 500 and the TR 500. 
The sidecars have been manufactured since more than 15 years at very high quality standards.

We are open from Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m.-17.00 p.m. and Saturday 10.00 a.m.-13.00 p.m.

The entry is free.

If you want to have a look at our museum or the production, click on the pictures!