The original text is in German and only the German version is the legally binding.
For the benefit of our foreign customers an English translation of the German text is provided as follows:

Complete sidecar
Allow 4 weeks for delivery of the complete sidecar. An order confirmation detailing the planned delivery date will be send to you within one week of reciept of order. The sidecar will be packaged in a wooden crate for delivery. The customer assumes all responsibilities for creating costs and shipping liabilities.

Spare Parts
Spare parts are shipped within 3 days after reciept of order. Packing costs are determined by package size and usually run between 1,54 € and 9,13 €. Shipping and handling costs including insurance are assumed by the customer. If  you require more than the standard insurance we will arrange that for you. All merchandise remains property of this company until payment in full is received. All prices are quoted with tax included (19% VAT). For Customers outside of European Union (EU) we will be happy to prepare an export certificate or deliver for the Netto price. We reserve the rights to price changes. Estimates are subject to change and not binding. Legal juridiction for all matters is Berlin, Germany.


Standard Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods


All orders are sent after receipt of payment or bank transfer.


Payment Terms

As consumer (that is a natural person entering into contract with Ideal - Motorräder & Seitenwagen GmbH neither for commercial nor self employed purposes) the customer has a right to cancel the contract within 14 days after receipt of the goods. He needs not give any reason. The notice of cancellation has to be made in writing or by returning the goods. In case of a cancellation notice in writing, the customer is obliged to return the goods immediately to Ideal - Motorräder & Seitenwagen GmbH, latest 7 days after the notice. The risk and the cost of returning the goods are with Ideal - Motorräder & Seitenwagen GmbH. If however the value of the order is less than 40,00 EURO, the customer has to bear the return charges, unless the delivered goods have not been as ordered.

b) If goods are returned from delivery addresses outside Germany, the customer exercising his right of cancellation will, differently to point a), have to bear the direct costs of recovering the goods supplied. (EU Distance selling regulations dated  Mai 20th 1997.)

c) Should the returned goods show a substantial deterioration (such as dirt, damage, damaged documentation, incomplete return) we reserve the right to ask for compensation. We might further ask for compensation of the value of  the de facto lease in the time till return.



Right of cancellation

In case it has not explicitly been explained or agreed otherwise (for example for parts explicitly marked as decreased in value), we guarantee that at the time of dispatch the products are free from defects which would nullify or reduce the value or the suitability for their normal use. An insignificant reduction of the value or suitability is to be disregarded. In the case of hidden defects, a notification has to be given immediately after discovering the hidden defect within the guarantee period. Complaints about damages in transit must be raised immediately against the end carrier (as a rule the post). The damage report produced in this connection must be sent to us with the damaged goods.

The guarantee period is 24 months after dispatch.

In case of an incomplete delivery, we will immediately dispatch a subsequent delivery. In the first instance, we have the right to dispatch a substitute delivery. If substitute deliveries repeatedly fail to be satisfactory, the customer is entitled to either reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract (rescission of sale).

A guarantee cannot be underwritten for defects caused by improper installation  (e. g. loose screws) or use or by above average use of the goods on the part of the customer.

Ideal underwrites a guarantee in relation to articles which have been individually ordered from Ideal, but not for the complete assembly of which it may be a part.